Unifying the brand experience and customer journey at Abarth

Abarth motorcars are a premium division of the Fiat automotive group. Sharing in the most part the locations of the Fiat group, our task was to rationalise and unify the customer experience across the car network in the UK whilst at the same time retaining the excitement, individuality and exclusivity of this amazing car company.


Under guidance from the UK team we helped create a rationalised set of hard copy and online sales materials. Templates were available both centrally and distributed to the network designed to ensure spoken & visual brand cohesion, increased product awareness, enhanced sales opportunity and professionalism.

Mapping out the customer journey and the various customer touch points was just the start of our work for Abarth. Developing an established tone of voice, an exclusive visual presentation and hard copy materials to unify the sales pitch, brand story and sales cycle for any prospective customer formed the large part of our work.


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