Developing a brand language and style for channel partners and trade prospects

Born of grit, determination and a desire for a true utilitarian 4×4 vehicle, the Grenadier is the vision of billionaire chemicals entrepreneur Jim Ratcliffe.

Translating this down-to-earth, rugged, yet ambitious vision requires single minded focus and clarity. Working alongside the channel development team, and using our automotive experience , we helped create the visual platform & value proposition for future trade partners and investors.


Re-writing, re-ordering, Photoshopping and creating a dynamic visual palette of materials and a way to present key facts and information, required us to strip back existing presentations and create an online sales solutions to deliver clarity, inspiration and opportunity.

Our in-house design team crafted a consistency of visual and spoken messaging whilst ensuring compliance to the values and vision of this revolutionary car start up.

The end result, a comprehensive interactive online presentation tool, encourages interaction, engagement and forms a pillar upon which future success and communication can be drawn from for all areas of the business.








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