K&N Brand Values Campaign

Enjoying status as one of the worlds most iconic performance brands,  K&N has always revelled in its motorsport heritage.

In recent years changing consumer triggers, lack of understanding of the K&N product and better availability of cheaper brands has diminished sales opportunity and awareness for the company in the trade, online and in retail.

Our inside facts campaign sought to address the many benefits of K&N’s products with a simple presentation of the key benefits of the premium K&N air filter product range and the success factors that have underpinned the brand from day one.


On the open road demand the best, give your vehicle the performance it deserves. But equally, appreciate the other financial and long term benefits of investment in a superior K&N product.

Armed with the facts we can all make better decisions and with compelling collateral, advertising, content-rich media and videos to explain the key reasons to invest all parties (trade and end-user) can be confident of maximum sales outreach, opportunity and awareness.



K&N – 2
K&N – 4

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