Creating Inspiring & Relevant Content & Collateral for Lexmark Channel Partners

Remaining current & having content to express opportunity and innovation should be the top of any companies priority list.

Striving to unify message delivery & economies, Lexmark engaged us to create x3 sets of topical content for its leading channel partners operating during COVID. Our response was creative content centred around the benefits of Lexmark cloud technology & adoption, the evolution of the home user & their needs and contactless print & Lexmark’s award-winning solutions.


Centrally created, then independently personalised for selected partners it gave Lexmarks network of dealers a much-needed set of thought-provoking creatives to post on their own websites, mail to existing customers and share via social media channels to new prospects.

Marketing toolkits included lead creative, full-page ads, online banners, eshots, footers and zoom backgrounds all supplied and available at the touch of a button to reach out to and connect with the world effortlessly and economically.

Lexmark – 2
Lexmark – 3
Lexmark – 4

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