Tech21 iPhone 11 phone case launch & campaign creation

Alongside the launch of Apple’s flagship product, and as an approved Apple phone case manufacturer, tech21 developed a range of stylish, scientifically derived phone protection solutions.

Plant-based, antimicrobial materials alongside durable phone protection and stylish design cues, the range needed to be positioned to extend the key benefits of this impressive phone case range. Eyecatching typographic campaign headline development together with nature-based imagery and colour way / range photo montaging, the solution was as distinct, fresh and eyecatching as the range itself with related channel launch assets, creative and campaign materials.

Web 1920 – 3

Manufactured from antimicrobial materials that suppress 99.9% of all known bacterial microbes, our focus was to ensure this key point was communicated clearly alongside the outstanding beauty and understated elegant range of products on offer.

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